Launched by the TROPICS MEDIA GROUP in partnership with CREB MULTIMEDIA group, the annual TROPICSBUSINESS SUMMIT, aims to bring under the same roof 150+ global business leaders, young innovators, political figures and economic decision-makers every year in October to further encourage boldness, ambition and leadership.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to find synergies among African entrepreneurs and to build Africa's emerging economic gateways. The TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT is a network organization with the aim to serve as a bridge between the global entrepreneurship community and all agents active in development of new and small enterprises. We encourage collaborations at a local, regional and international level and offer global leaders a multi-platforms conference, a networking gala dinner, workshops and exhibitions for idea sharing, to build national and international networks in their field and to bridge the gap between Africa and the rest of the world.

The Movement

The first annual TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT is scheduled for the 18 – 21 October 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The first edition will give birth to a new movement called the Tropics Business Network (TBN), a social organization that will offer different types of resources to start or improve entrepreneurial projects both in the African and the French Caribbean regions. Through this initiative, we look forward to covering global entrepreneurs’ journey and conducting other activities that will put global entrepreneurs on the map with the help of our strategic partners.
« We Are Leaders Without Borders. »